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Default Re: Offseason moves for 2012-2013

I Think Boston's best move will be to Try and stay competitive while making moves for the future.

1. Sign Mayo, Memphis wont have the cap space to match 10M+ so he is within reach as we have tons of cap space. I feel Mayo will be a great addition to Boston.

2. Resign KG (Hopefully Cheap). With no real dominant Center available to us KG shoud stay at Center. I feel Denver will match whatever is offered to McGee.

3. Let ray walk. Ray will leave for a contender since he was also very hurt after finding out he was nearly traded. Also With Mayo and Bradley, there wont be many minutes for Ray.

4. Resign Bass. He will most likely opt out of his player option and want more money.

5. Resign Green. He will come back to us and provide us with much needed energy off the bench along with avery bradley.

6. Resign some bench players to cover for injuries and garbage minutes for vet minimum like Pietrus, Wilcox, Daniels and Dooling.

7. Sign a back up Center. Here are some realistic options:
Greg Stiemsma
Omer Asik
Marcus Camby
Chris Kaman (if he signs for MLE or less)
Nazr Mohammed
Kwame Brown

Line up:
Garnett / One of the above
Bass / Green
Pierce / Green
Mayo / Bradley
Rondo / Bradley

When KG and Pierce are gone, Boston will still have a decent core to move forward with in Rondo, Mayo, Bradley & Green.

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