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Default Re: My sister won the Special Mother Award

i just had a conversation with a friend about raising a child who wasn't your own. another buddy of ours, the three of us have been friends since beginning school, just started dating a girl he's known for years who now has a kid of a few years old. he's 23 like us and to me and my friend, the mere idea of dating a woman with a child was just absurd and beyond the realm of possibility. yet here is our friend, and who knows how long he'll be in this relationship, but he's doing it anyway and all the power to him.

seeing this thread just underlines how hard it must be for a sterile person to realize their own nature and come to terms with adoption or artificial insemination or whichever route they wind up taking. your sister obviously convinced herself to take a chance on this camp and reaped the rewards of coming to understand that it isn't the fact that the sperm meets her egg and eventually worms its way out of her v@gina that makes the children her own... there's ways to becoming a parent that have absolutely nothing to do with that.

good for her man

@ "thats a lie"

was that you anti-hero?

also, not the time or the place or the circumstances, but based on that grainy video... gotdayum
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