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Default Re: Trades,Free Agency, Draft Thread

Originally Posted by franchize
Uh oh...don't let Knicksman see that

It's also about opportunity though. Young players need to establish a rhythm and confidence. If teams don't give you significant playing time, it's hard to get going. See Jeremy Lin! End of the day, I'd take a chance on him. He'll be cheap and even a shell of him is better than Toney Douglas. I would also take a chance on Hasheem Thabeet. I'm not convinced he's a bum. I saw every game of UCONN's and I know the ability that guy possesses. I'm not saying he'll be dominant but I have no doubt in my mind he can contribute. Besides, once again, he'll probably be cheap.

I wouldn't mind testing the market for Gerald Green's worth.He's one of the guys I kept telling everyone about. Everybody kept saying "all he does is dunk." How'd that work out for NJ? Pretty damn well. I'm telling you guys. This kid can play.

Yeah, I like the idea of taking on guys looking for a 2nd chance espescially when you can get them for the minimum. Eventhough a guy like Terrence Williams was a knucklehead who seemingly didn't take basketball serious and feuded with his coaches, I still would've loved to have him for the minimum salary.

I like Thabeet. I mentioned bringing him in last year. I'd love to see that one happen. All we need him is for maybe 10 MPG on average and he might get a 15 minute game if hes lucky. Everyone says hes a bust and shouldn't have been the #2 pick but its not like the guy can't play in the league. Hes 7'3, all we need for him is to come in for a few minutes with the backups and make guys second guess about driving the lane knowing he'll swat it.
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