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Default Re: Grinder any international prospects for 2012 draft?

After the Euroleague Final Four, I am hearing from most European scouts that the NBA scouts that were in attendance are all saying that the 3 young Greeks, Kostas Sloukas, Vangelis Mantzaris, and Kostas Papanikolaou all have a good chance to be drafted.

It amazes me at how stupid these NBA scouts are. That they would need to see these guys playing at a Euroleague Final Four to just now grasp that they can play in the NBA. The fact that before the Final Four, they were apparently not considered NBA material is pretty much proof of how pathetic these NBA scouts really are.

Like they really think any college age kid can be a key rotation player for a club like Olympiacos in Euroleague?

Anyway, I feel bad for Pappas. He's the best of all the young Greeks and evidently he's not even on the NBA draft radar. Katsikaris really screwed him.

I am starting to think that he did it on orders of the Greek Basketball Federation so that they keep the NBA from knowing how good he is, so that Panathinaikos can scoop him up long term cheaply.

It also seems that Shved will be playing in the NBA next year, according to everyone I have talked to.

BTW, for all the NBA only fan Spanoulis haters out there, who in this forum say he is a scrub that isn't good enough for the NBA...........the European scouts all said that every NBA scout in attendance was blown away by how he ran his team as a point guard.

They were apparently all extremely impressed at his basketball IQ, decision making, and his clutch ability in big games and big moments. A couple European scouts said that more than one NBA scout in attendance said that NBA teams would be fighting over Spanoulis the instant he said he wanted to play there.

The NBA scouts also were apparently high on Keselj, who is a huge talent that is just finally starting to show some signs of his ability, Navarro (as always), and Teodosic.

From what I hear, even though he played awful in the second half of the final, the NBA scouts still were really impressed by his talent level.

The NBA scouts were also said to be very high on Printezis after how he played.

This stuff is funny though, it really is. That these NBA scouts get paid so much money, yet they can't even identify if a Euroleague player can play in the NBA without seeing him "in person" at a Euroleague Final Four.

The NBA teams REALLY need to fire their scouts. They are obviously a bunch of incompetent morons.

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