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Default Re: Trades,Free Agency, Draft Thread

Originally Posted by franchize
I concur with pretty much everything you said. Funny thing about Machado is, his knock is his athletcism but everyone raves about Marshall, who isnt much of an athlete. I actually like the guys on the honarable mention but if I had to chose one guy, Id probably go with Maalik Wayns. Tu Holloway, Jordan Taylor and Scoop Jardine are interesting too. Jardine probably will go undrafted because he isnt much of an athlete but he is a 5 yr senior with poise and experience who is truly a qb on the court. Plus hes bangin MJs daughter lol

Word? Scoop better watch himself. Man, there isn't no possible way I'd try to get myself involved with his daughter no matter the money she's got. MJ got power like Mr.Biggs . If she ever comes to him crying about something Scoop did, he'll have him dropped off in the desert somewhere like R.Kelly was.

But back on the basketball tip, I like the kid Tu Hollaway. Im surprised he's fallen out of the Top 10 PG rankings when he was a pre-season All American. Yeah he's tough as nails. He always wanted to take over for his team whenever the game was close, so he'd probably make the most out of his minutes off the bench in the NBA. If he goes undrafted I'd love to see him on our Summer League team.

Talking abot Summer League, I've been monitoring Dwight Hardy from St.Johns numbers all season in Italy. Hes averaging 23 PPG over there. Hope he gets a chance to play for us in Summer League because hes the perfect shooter we need to space the floor.

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