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Default Re: Trades,Free Agency, Draft Thread

Originally Posted by Clutch
You guys know I always liked Fields. He was my second favorite Knick last season (right after Gallo) and I was defending him early in the year.
But his shot became so bad that it frustrated me so much.

If he can spend summer working on his shot and come back with a shot he had in his rookie season than Fields will be very valuable player to this team.

I think J.R.Smith gets way too much burn and I want us to re-sign him but only if Woodson is going to play him in a limited role (scorer off the bench,not the freaking 2nd option).

Depending on what we do with our FA signings for depth in the backourt, JR's going to get a lot of playing time next season. Without Shumpert in the rotation until sometime early in 2013 we don't have much of a choice but to play him. Espescially when you consider just the threat JR brings to hit a 3 point shot, which is something Fields badly needs to work on fixing.

I honestly believe JR Smith is on par or slightly behind Ray Allen as far as 3PT shooters at the SG position, but he just doesn't know where to be to get the open 3 and he doesn't use screens. When you think about it, its almost crazy that he converts them at the rate he does taking contested 3's.

I wish he'd take some time to work on that in the offseason, but he'll probably just hit the clubs up all summer and show up in training camp with the same mindset.
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