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Default Re: Trades,Free Agency, Draft Thread

Originally Posted by Rowe
Word? Scoop better watch himself. Man, there isn't no possible way I'd try to get myself involved with his daughter no matter the money she's got. MJ got power like Mr.Biggs . If she ever comes to him crying about something Scoop did, he'll have him dropped off in the desert somewhere like R.Kelly was.

"I did this to you."

But back on the basketball tip, I like the kid Tu Hollaway. Im surprised he's fallen out of the Top 10 PG rankings when he was a pre-season All American. Yeah he's tough as nails. He always wanted to take over for his team whenever the game was close, so he'd probably make the most out of his minutes off the bench in the NBA. If he goes undrafted I'd love to see him on our Summer League team.

Talking abot Summer League, I've been monitoring Dwight Hardy from St.Johns numbers all season in Italy. Hes averaging 23 PPG over there. Hope he gets a chance to play for us in Summer League because hes the perfect shooter we need to space the floor

I doubt Tu goes undrafted I think he'll go early 2nd round.

Dwight Hardy can really ball. He was big time at St Johns. He would have been a 1st round pick if he didn't have to sit behind Malik Boothe
(who he's WAY better than)

Another guy to look at: Arguably the best pg that nobody knows about... Jordan Theodore out of Seton Hall. I've seen him play in college AND in tournament games. He played on the same Dyckman and Rucker teams as Kemba Walker and Corey Fisher. He's a scoring point guard but he can penetrate and dish as well. He's the typical NYC PG. Tough as nails. Quick with a sharp handle and puts pressure on the defense.

Quality PG's have been slipping into the 2nd round. We need to start capitalizing. Charles Jenkins started putting in work once he got playing time as I predicted. Norris Cole started had a solid season as I predicted. The guys are out there. We just need o stop trying to make huge splashes in FA. Stop chasing after the name and start chasing after the game. I don't want to see ANY old geezers on our roster next year. No Bibby, No Baron. I don't wanna hear rumors of us trying to bring Kurt Thomas or Grant Hill in. Let's go out, get some young, hungry talent. To hell with that "veteran leadership" crap. Tyson is a veteran and a leader. We don't need a bunch of geriatrics.
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