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Default Re: Euroleague 2011/2012 Final Four Istanbul

Originally Posted by Euroleague
PAO is having another budget cut next year from 24 million euros to 20 million euros.

That means that one of Diamantidis, Obradovic, or Batiste will be gone from the team. Batiste is a free agent. The other two are still under contract.

Obradovic and Diamantidis will still be retained under that new budget and are still under contract.

The problem is that Obradovic is starting to bitch and moan and complain that budget "isn't enough" for his "standards".

Already the speculation is about him going to Barca, because they have a 24 million budget, the same as PAO had this year.

Remember, Obradovic was used to those days when PAO had budgets anywhere from 25-35 million euros. Even this year, the "cheap team" had a 24 million budget.

So I guess he is just really overboard with his demands.

Anyway, I guess Diamantidis leaving would be final proof of just what a colossal douche bag he really is. Not being able to play with any other coach, except the one that babies him.

I can tell you right now, Diamantidis will never work with Navarro. Diamantidis has a massive ego and he demands that everything revolve around him. He is a huge prima donna and he has a terrible personality.

If Obradovic and Diamantidis try to run in there and takeover Navarro's team it won't work. That will be a mistake by Barca. And of Diamantidis leaves PAO like that, even though they won't cut his salary...........

he's already hugely hated and despised in Greece by everyone but PAO fans, and even many PAO fans hate him. Over how he has acted regarding the Greek national team, and all his antics to the players and fans of other teams.

If he quits on PAO like that...........only the crazy Diamantidis worshipers (KWSN-Men) will think anything good of him.

It wouldn't surprise me though. Obradovic has such high demands for the budget of the club and Diamantidis is such an egotistical prick.
I wish Partizan would be able to cut fro 24 to 20 mil in the future , I would be happy if Partizans budget is more than 4 mil but I dont see that happening . When I read that PAO is breaking apart and cuting their budget I thought they will change whole team and that they will be among poorest teams in Europe and it turns out that they will have "only" 2 mil . If what you wrote aboute DD is true that he has more fan here in Serbia than in Greece . After game 5 in top 8 , I read comments aboute him beeing best player in Europe . He is great player but he wasnt best player this season and he in my oppinion didnt deserve to be in all EL first team and Navarro didnt deserve to be in second . I know Obradovic works only in big budget clubs and thats why I think ( not only me , here in Serbia a lot of people think that ) Ivkovic is better coach than him.
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