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Default Re: Round 2: Thunder (2) Vs. Lakers (3)

my dayam that was one hell of an ass whoopin

luckily, whether you lose by 40 or by 1, its still only one loss

but wow, Westbrook is going to eat up anyone trying to guard him, his speed and power is unmatched by anyone left in the final 4 out west

I think Drew needs to come out farther when defending the pick and roll, he is still in the paint, Russ is just pulling up from about 15 feet and hitting it with ease. But in order to do that, someone has to rotate to seal Drew's man, and the Laker wings don't do that well. Pau has to help on that too, then someone gotta help Pau when he rotates.

The pick and roll defense is rearing its ugly head again, that shit killed LA last year, and its doing the same now

and a fvcking ZONE? I have never, ever, seen the Lakers run a zone, why try in the playoffs?
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