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Default Re: Round 2: Thunder (2) Vs. Lakers (3)

Originally Posted by lakerfreak
I have to admit....On offense, all the players were standing. I didn't like it in the least bit....For crying out loud at least pretend that you're running an offense and set picks or something. Its not difficult.

As far as Kobe, I think he's done. Between the game 7 of Denver and yesterdays game versus OKC, I saw Kobe turn the ball over about 10 times where the defenders literally take it from him, like candy from a baby.

What do you think?

Whoooo hoooo, your eyes are beginning to open now my friend, we have no offense because our coach has never had one as a head coach.
You are now seeing the same things that I have always seen from MB but was only upset about it this year.
I seriously believe we need help during the off season but I know that a good coach would find a way to utilize the talent we have and win the championship. Pick and Roll is the way to destroy the NBA with what we already have.......Not the MB, stand around and watch, then run away as a shot goes up......what ever happened to cutters???
Seriously, MB is not remotely qualified to head any NBA team....I'd bet you could do a better job....with what you know

Yeah, Kobe didn't seem to be feeling it, probably the effect of being so sick he shouldn't have been playing, it takes awhile to recover.
There is NO WAY ON EARTH that the Black Mamba is done, forget about it!!!!

I'll bet you that at least 3/4 of the team is thinking that if they get killed in this series that Brown will get fired.....and they want him to, they know he can't coach.

I hear a certain Mr. Phil Jackson wants to come back, he misses the game.
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