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Default Re: So... Wth are we going to do during offseason to make sure this won't happen again?

Let these guys go:
Mike James
John Lucas III
Brian Scalabrine

I would look into bringing in some of the following:

Kirk Hinrich, Randy Foye, Delonte West, OJ Mayo, Ray Allen, Landry Fields, Nick Young, JR Smith, Shannon Brown, Gerald Green, Terrence Williams, Danny Green and Antwan Jamison.

Extend the contracts of Gibson and Asik. Time for our owner to step up and spend.

Gives us a set roster of at least:

Rose - Watson
Hamilton - Korver
Deng - Butler
Boozer - Gibson
Noah - Asik

That's 10. Giving us 4-5 open spots. Our draft pick will take one of those spots. I'd try to trade Ronnie Brewer for a shooter or an extra big.

Sign Kirk Hinrich, Danny Green and Antwan Jamison.

Giving you a lineup of:

Kirk - Watson
Hamilton - Green
Korver - Butler
Boozer - Gibson - Jamison
Noah - Asik until Rose and Deng return. Still a playoff team.
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