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Default Re: Euroleague 2011/2012 Final Four Istanbul

Originally Posted by Fiba basketball
I wish Partizan would be able to cut fro 24 to 20 mil in the future , I would be happy if Partizans budget is more than 4 mil but I dont see that happening . When I read that PAO is breaking apart and cuting their budget I thought they will change whole team and that they will be among poorest teams in Europe and it turns out that they will have "only" 2 mil . If what you wrote aboute DD is true that he has more fan here in Serbia than in Greece . After game 5 in top 8 , I read comments aboute him beeing best player in Europe . He is great player but he wasnt best player this season and he in my oppinion didnt deserve to be in all EL first team and Navarro didnt deserve to be in second . I know Obradovic works only in big budget clubs and thats why I think ( not only me , here in Serbia a lot of people think that ) Ivkovic is better coach than him.

All of that media is just sensalitionist nonsense. The whole last summer Olympiacos was "poor", was "breaking up", had a "tiny budget".

Yes, 21.5 million euros budget team called that way. The same with all this nonsense about Panathinaikos.

What people don't seem to understand is that you are talking about teams that were used to 35-40 million euro budgets. So, in dropping down to 20-25 million range, it is a "huge budget cut".

The owners of the clubs are trying to get down to about 20 million euros a year budgets and are doing it step by step, over 2-3 seasons. Those are still huge budgets. Real Madrid's budget is 20 million euros.

This "the Greek clubs are collapsing and have tiny budgets" is all just out of some dumb people's imaginations. They can't seem to grasp that if you cut your budget 40%, it does really mean anything, if your budget was 35 million euros to begin with or whatever.

So, the Greek clubs have simply adjusted their budgets downwards, due to the economic issues in Greece. They want to stay around 20 million euros budgets, because that is more doable financially now.

Maccabi for instance has a 17 million euro budget, and people call it, "huge budget club". There has never been one iota of truth to any of those stories about Olympiacos and Panathinaikos going to very small budgets.

It's just pure imagination out of the minds of idiots. Yes, the budget cuts are big, and yes a lot of big name players end up leaving, but even with 20 million euros, you can form any team you want almost.

Olympiacos won Euroleague this year with a 21.5 million budget, so it's obviously plenty of money for the budget. Like I said, all they have to do is let Batiste go, and his salary and player taxes, and his bonuses (house, car, etc.) will cover the 4 million euros budget cut.

Batiste is old, and on his last legs and needs to retire anyway. So, it's not even like a budget cut at all in reality.

I am sure that most clubs would love to have the "huge financial problems and extremely tiny budgets" that the Greek clubs supposedly have the last couple summers.

The stuff is comedy. I remember all the "Olympiacos has a 8 million euro budet" and "Panathinaikis has a 10 million euro budget" bull shit this summer. Yeah, you can sign rosters and coaches like those for 8-10 million euros.........

Just Spanoulis' salary, taxes, and bonuses alone is something like 5 million euros. Yet we were supposed to believe, according to stupid media, and some idiot fans that believe it, that all those other players and that coach only cost 3 million.........

Yes, you can sign all that and that coach, plus the taxes, and the bonuses for 3 million..............................

There are a lot of morons out there.

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