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Default Re: Round 2: Thunder (2) Vs. Lakers (3)

Originally Posted by bladefd
I am not happy one bit how that went down. Not one bit.

Kobe ball is what lost us this game in the last 4 mins when Lakers were up 5 points on Bynum's 2 with 4 mins to go.

We got the 5pt lead through teamwork and passing the ball around (and using our big men) until it ended up into the hands of somebody open. As soon as we came out of the timeout when Bynum hit the 2 with a 4 minutes left, Kobe started jacked up 3 very low percentage shots and ball was stagnant in his hands. Along with that, the Lakers went careless with the ball letting OKC regain the lead. Quite frankly, I am sick and tired of Kobe-ball even tho it wasn't for most of the game. It has lost us more games than won.

I dont mind, him having the ball other than Pau or Bynum in the last 2-4 minutes... the thing is that, he was shooting forced wild shots. He could have just drove to the lane and get a foul... what happened to that Kobe?
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