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Default Re: Round 2: Thunder (2) Vs. Lakers (3)

Originally Posted by $LakerGold
I dont mind, him having the ball other than Pau or Bynum in the last 2-4 minutes... the thing is that, he was shooting forced wild shots. He could have just drove to the lane and get a foul... what happened to that Kobe?

I am so angry right now. We had this damn game won. I am losing my mind man. What the f*ck was running through kobe's mind to jack up those ATROCIOUS shots?? He was doing everything right the whole game then he tries to play hero with horrible 3's while we are up 5 points. Why does he have to try to hero it while we are winning through teamwork and passing?

Sigh. I cant begin to tell you some of the things that were running through my mind when OKC got the 1pt lead.
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