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Default Re: Primetime's 3 month Avy...taking suggestions

Originally Posted by StateProperty
If it was a typo they wouldn't have right above it that Aso didn't have the minimum 40 targets to qualify for their charts. What makes me think PFF ****ed up their count is they have 9 more completed passes against Aso than carbine. We followed Aso along with carbine and no way he was off by 9 completed passes against him.

You're keeping your avy.
There were a couple completions that I can specifically remember thinking Carbine should have counted and he didn't, if anything he has too little, not too much, that is why I think it is much more likely that he is shy of the actual number rather than ahead...

Also, these type of stats are PFF's pride and joy, it is the entire reason they exist, subjective stats that you can't find other places, there is no fckin way they could screw this up...unlike Football Outsiders who are a basic football website and are just doing this as a side project...

I will keep the avy, for now...a bet is a bet and we were going by that website...but I am pretty sure they made a mistake here...maybe it is a typo, maybe they forgot a few a games, IDK...clearly something is wrong...every other CB they have is similar to PFF except Nnamdi
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