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Default Re: David Falk says 2012 is a one-player Draft

Is there anyone else out there with some reservation about Davis?

I'm not saying I don't love him as a prospect, or that I wouldn't take him first, but he seems to be getting put in the Shaq, Hakeem, Ewing, Chris Webber, Derrick Coleman level of prospect, which I don't 100% see. It's a little bit a few different things. Because he came up so late in height he doesn't really have a feel for post play yet, but at the same time I don't see him as the ball handler passer type of big prospect that someone like Webber or DC were. And I know he's young, and he's a freak in terms of length and bounce and running at his height, but he obviously lacks strength, and it's not like he has a huge frame to build on, I'd say all the bigs above were better from a physical standpoint coming in.

I know the guys I mentioned didn't all pan out the way everyone hoped, but strictly in terms of prospects, those were the best I can recall ever seeing.
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