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Default Re: Face it, Rose will likely miss next season. Sign Nash.

If Nash could be had, I'd pick him up in a second. He'd teach Rose a lot, especially how to play without relying on his athleticism too much. Chances are he can't be had though.

Honestly... I'm leaning towards a GM tank. Rose and Deng will miss the start of the season anyways. Chances are one of Booz/Noah will be out for a decent period as well (it sucks to say, but it's true, they're injury prone). We saw how frail Rip is and Brewer is likely gone/isn't really a starter anyways.

Retain Asik, let everyone else walk. if Booz/Noah don't get hurt have one of them go down with a "mysterious" injury.

I know a lot of fans don't think there's a sure thing in the 2013 draft, and they're probably right... but Shabazz Muhammad is pretty close to as great as it gets as far as prospects go.

Thinking towards what's best for the Bulls future:
- a healthy rested Rose.
- a healthy rested Deng.
- a young prospect like Muhammed to grow with Rose
- tbh, a more laid back regular season attitude. it's not necessary to approach every game like "win or die"

The one HUGE negative to tanking though is creating a losing culture... I do believe we have the right personell though.
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