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Default Social Media's Reaction To CSKA Choke / Olympiacos Comeback (NBA Player's Included)

The Players:

Ricky Rubio

INCREDIBLE!!!! #Euroleague #FinalFour #Ifeeldevotion congratulations to OLY!

Nikos Zisis ‏

The Greek heart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! congratulations to Olympiakos.

Pietro Aradori

It can be the most beautiful game I have ever seen, and for sure, the biggest surprise in the last 15 years!
never give up...!!!! it s the biggest lesson ever, known this night...!!@Euroleague
mamma miaaaaaaa..... I don't believe it...!!! @Euroleague

Kyle Hines

We just got back to the airport with 20,000 Olympiacos Fans Waiting for us!!!!!!! Crazy Atmosphere!!!! #Euroleague

George Bogris

Congratulations to Olympiakos .. awesome game .. And big bravo to Kostas Papanikolaou .. Let's keep this trophy in Greece for many years!

Tarence Kinsey

The question of the night, is Olympiakos really that Good?.. They just proved it... Amazing Game

Jaka Lakovic

Incredible... Coach Ivkovic showed once again that he is DR. BASKETBALL COACH! WOOOOW.

Anthony Parker

WOW!!!! Olympiacos down 19 in the 3rd and come back to win by 1 at the buzzer! Great game! CSKA had a great year but came up short.

Josh Childress

Congrats to Olympiacos!!! Euroleague Champions. Many congrats to my man Kostas Papanikolaou.

Terrell McIntyre

Congrats to Giorgios Printezis! Way to overcome adversity. #EuroleagueChampion

Igor Rakocevic

Incredible!! WOW!!! Congratz to Olympiakos!!

Victor Claver

Incredible fourth quarter and last seconds. Nobody expected it...

Bostjan Nachbar

Amazing finish to #Euroleague finals! Congrats to new champs - Olympiakos!
Congrats to my countryman Erazem Lorbek for being selected in All-Euroleague 1st team!

Aleks Maric

Thank you Turkish Airlines for making our trip to Istanbul so easy!!!
F4 where champions are made and dreams come whole season comes down to just one weekend!!!

The Media:

Dan Peterson

Olympiacos' win against CSKA is the most incredible thing ever seen in European basketball history. Crazy

Julian Felipo - Mundo Deportivo
‏ @jfelipo

From -19 to +1 in 12 minutes and 3 seconds. What Olympiacos did is historic.

‏ @sJacas

Seeing one of the biggest upsets in the history of European club basketball unfold is plain & simply amazing. Man, what a team.

Jonathan Givony ‏

Printezis nails the floater for the game-winner! What a comeback! Olympiacos wins. Amazing!

Emiliano Carchia ‏


Rob Scott
‏ @robscott33

Spanoulis MVP. There should be a special Printezis award though, and it should go to Printezis.

Slam ‏

The way Printezis and Papanikolaou's games grew this year and then culminating in this is just incredible. Ivkovic is a world-class genius.

Luka Bassin, Slovenia ‏

#Devotion... I'm speachless... #respect

The Fans:

Panagiotis Antonakas
In our darkest moment they have shown us the way. Never give up greece! thank you my team thank you Olympiakos.

Konstantinos Chatziamallos
Our babies became men tonight! GREAT MATCH! Our team's come-back is one of the most unbelievable and unforgettable in world's basketball history!

Daniele Baesi
Biggest upset in the history of basketball.

Gerard Pique
Incredible Euroleague final! CSKA led by 19 and Olympiacos come back to win it in the final second.

Aurelia Piechowiak
Great game! Grandi arbitri!

Sevde Nur Torpi
that was real final game! we felt devotion, we felt basketball.thanks to Olympiacos.their work, their ambition, their basketball was really unbelievable..

James Kalasarinis
Congratulations for the historic / epic victory. You made the Greeks feel proud.........(no matter which team they support). Bravo to Olympiakos!!!!!!!

David Shua

Grigoris Tsakiris
thank you turks for your support...

Tautvydas Pangonis
It's the best final game I've ever seen :) great win, OLY! Congratz from Lithuania

Keppas Apostolhs
My best day of my life . . . . Amazing euroleague !!!!!!!!!!

Emmet Ryan
It's over 24 hours later and I am still struggling to comprehend how that game went the way it did. Utterly remarkable stuff.

Almost everyone in Turkey supported Pana in CSKA match, Oly in Barça match; then Oly in CSKA match. I think what we supported is the team-play, organization and two legend head coaches of Greek teams. Personally, i was excited in OLY-CSKA as much as i was in Galatasaray-Fenerbahce football match which occured in play-off finals, Sunday. I'm happy that both matches finished as i wished. :)

Rodger Watt
Who saw the Euroleague final?! It was crazy, the winners were 19 down with 12 mins to go and they take a one point lead with 0.7 secs to go!

Aris Galatis
Back from Istanbul! blessed to have experienced such moments full of mixed emotions & excitement! @Euroleague #f4gr #Olympiakos_Champions

Feeling The Devotion
I'm a freaking Euroleague Champion, no one can ruin my mood.

Diego Ruiz Ortega
Olympiacos won the #Euroleage against CSKA in a great game with a great basket in the end! That's what I like basketball! #IfeelDevotion !!!

Tomaz Paucnik
Congrats from Slovenia!! I just love it when "the underdog" wins!!

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