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Default Re: Evaluation on SG Prospects

Originally Posted by KG215
So we're just going to act like this thread is a little flawed? You take the other guys, point out what's wrong with their game while not mentioning their strengths, and only talk about Ross's strengths and make excuses for why he might not have been as productive in college. I actually like Ross. I've only seen him four or five times compared to twice that for Beal and Lamb, but I like what I've seen.

Thing is, the weaknesses you mentioned for those guys are legit, but you can't ignore their strengths and ignore Ross's weaknesses when trying to make your case as to why he should be on the same level as they are as a prospect.

Oh, and Barnes isn't a SG.

I have no problem admitting that of course my thread is going to be biased. I note that teammates can be a weakness too as in the case of Beal and I fully acknowledge that Ross was like Beal in that teammates shouldn't have been a total excuse to limited production. In the case of Barnes, I did put a side note saying IF he's at SG - as in, just because his position is at the 3 doesn't mean there's no possibility he could spend a lot time at the 2 depending on the team.

A big part of my claim for Ross is also accentuating how underrated he is by pointing out the fact that guys like Beal are getting credited for certain abilities but Ross isn't getting the same dues for having the same abilities or even being better at them.

Don't get me wrong, Ross has his weaknesses as well, and since you pointed out, his ball work has some to be desired and he settles for jumpers WAY too much because he can't always create his own shot apart from the sometimes quick dribble and move. In that regard, he's like Barnes (for argument's sake, let's just both categorize them as general wing players). Yet, Barnes is discussed as many as a top 5 pick whereas Ross is seen as a 15-25 prospect, which I don't get especially when the things they are similarly good at, Ross does at a better clip.

My argument here isn't as much to point out strengths and weaknesses of Ross compared to others as it is to lament about the discrepancy in attention and "scouting grades" when Ross has proven himself to be as capable or even largely better in many regards than some of the "better" prospects. I admit he's got flaws where others are better - i.e. Rivers with his penetration and overall ball handling ability - but in the case of an overall package from what you would want from a SG, Ross is better than a lot of these guys.
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