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Default Re: Face it, Rose will likely miss next season. Sign Nash.

Don't see the Bulls tanking or getting Nash.

In my opinion Nash wouldn't fit and he has better options for himself personally and we as a team have better options as well.

We have too much talent and too good of a coach to tank. Even with Rose and Deng missing a large portion of the season we will still be a playoff team. Whether it be a low seed or not we will be a playoff team.
Thibs and the rest of the roster aren't the type of people to just throw games away and lose without a fight. We'll still have guys like Noah, Taj, Asik and whoever else the Bulls decide to bring back. Also with the mindset that Deng and Rose return. Those two won't allow the organization or their teammates to just throw games away. We fight to have the best record we can with the left over roster and hope Deng and Rose are 100% come playoff time so we can make a run. I don't care if we're anywhere from the 5-8 seed because with a healthy full squad we can beat anyone. Any player and anyone who's watched basketball for a long time or loves the sport will tell you that you don't just throw seasons away. Getting to the Finals and having the chance to compete for a championship isn't a given by any means. There are plenty of NBA players throughout the history of the game that never got to play in a NBA finals game. You don't take anything for granted. Yes we have Rose as our franchise player for the next 10+ years, but that doesn't mean the team will always be a contender. We are a contender now and if it permits it then we need to go for it while we still can. This is my opinion. Don't want to see this team tank at all.
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