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Default Re: Primetime's 3 month Avy...taking suggestions

Asante is always a top-5 CB in these CB metric type's no fluke at all

I acutally got in a little e-mail debate with someone at FO...

here it is:


>> I believe you made a typo in this article:
> ng-sta
> ts-2011
>> You have Nnamdi listed at getting a total of 36 targets. On Pro
>> Football
> Focus he is listed at 47 targets which is quite a huge difference. It
> looks as though both of you have every other CB at the same or within
> 1 or 2 targets of each other, it looks to be just a flaw with Nnamdi's
> numbers. PFF prides itself on these stats, it is their bread and butter.
>> I was thinking that it is a typo, you meant "46", not "36"...which
>> would
> be just a 1 target differnce which is understandable rather than a 11
> target difference.
>> Just giving you a head's up!


> Nope, that's what the charting database spits out. 38 targets, with
> two of them cancelled by penalty. I'm sure you know that we don't use
> PFF as a counter-balance or anything to figure out this stuff.
> Sometimes it just spits out differently based on charters and the
> different systems and whatnot.
> Best,
> Rivers McCow


> That's an enormous difference though. A 2,3, or even a 5 target
> difference is understandable for a CB that has over 100 targets, but
> you have a difference of 11 targets for one of the least targeted CBs
> in the NFL. I'm not pointing fingers or anything but when the
> difference is that big on one player and not the others it should
> probably throw up a red flag to double check the source, perhaps a few
> games were missed or something, mistakes happen.


It sounds like what you are saying is that you believe PFF and you don't believe us. That's your right. They have a group of charters watching TV tape. We have a group of charters watching TV tape. They will make some mistakes. We will make some mistakes. If it throws up a red flag, then it throws up a red flag on both. Which we already know about, and we always take care to mention that our charting data is subjective and may have some errors. I'm sorry that we haven't done more to help you trust that we do our best to get the best data possible.

Aaron Schatz


I told you in my last email that I wasn't pointing any fingers, either could be wrong, but like I was trying to explain the reason I would tend to trust PFF over you guys on this issue is because these stats are their bread and butter, it is the entire reason they exist, they charge money for people to look at those stats. Where for you guys it looks to be more of a side article. Perhaps it is them that is wrong on this, I am not ruling that out.

I do think that someone "goofed" though

I can you both have Asante Samuel with 61 targets I can see that you have Ike Taylor with 98 targets, they have 96 I can see that you have Sherman with 81, them 84 etc etc

2-3 targets off, understandable

then we get to Nnamdi, one of the few premier CBs in the NFL who is targeted rarely...and you have 36, them 47...a difference of 11 targets.

Another reason that would make me tend to side with them on this is that logic tells me it is much easier to have not seen or left out targets rather than to have added targets that don't exist. It is more believable that stat guy(s) left out a couple games by mistake, rather added targets that don't exist or recorded the same games twice.

Again, I'm not pointing fingers here, I am just telling you how I see it...someone is clearly off here on Nnamdi, I'm sure you are completely confident in your stats and that is fine.

no reply...yet lol
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