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Default Re: College Player Watch

Originally Posted by ljsbb27
I agree with you about the guys in bold, but I'm hoping that somehow the Bulls find a way to move up in the draft to give themselves the chance to get one of these guys. Bulls could package both our first round pick and second round pick along with Ronnie Brewer to move up. I think Lamb, Ross, and Beal will all go before Rivers. I'd love for us to get either of the top three with Ross being my #1 choice because I feel he is the most complete but I'd be happy with Rivers.
Austin may be a bit undersized, but I feel he is the best playmaker and ball handler out of the bunch. He can be our combo guard which I feel we need.
I could see him becoming a Jason Terry/Leandro Barbosa type of player if he works on playing under control and playing smart.

And yeah Fournier is the guy out of France. Some obvious weaknesses in his game but is said to be an excellent scorer which we could use and maybe he'll fall because he's somewhat of an unknown but may be full of potential and possibly turn into a Ginobli type of a player.

I'd be happy with either one of the guys on the list though. Feel like Thibs and the rest of the staff will do a good job developing even though they may not get a lot of playing time. Even though I think Thibs will spread out playing time better starting next season. I think the coaching staff and the organization will go the best player available route though.
Good point about Austin. I think he might one day turn into that player, but I don't know if he ever will. I reallyyyy question his maturity. Which is a rarity of a Coach K player, but I think he fell into the one and done love. But that's a whole other topic.

After watching some Fournier clips earlier today. He looks to be a smart player, with a real good motor and some defensive chops. I'd love to get this guy now. His shot seems kinda wonky though.

Totally agree they'll go best player available they did that with Jimmy, and it worked pretty damn well. Same with Taj. I have faith in whoever we draft. Management has done an EXCELLENT job scouting the last three or so years.
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