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Default Re: 2012-2013 English Premier League Thread (La Liga, Serie A, etc.)

Originally Posted by Nick Young
its the most intense simulation in the history of simulations, like you actually are a goddamn manager of a pro football team!

You're missing out homie, you're missing out!

Career mode on FIFA is pretty similar but you can actually play the games and such. I believe they consulted with the FM guys to build it.

Currently on year 5 of managing Sunderland. Started off with a 25 million budget and slowly built it up threw a strong youth academy and started selling off the guys I developed to the point where I had enough money to make big transfers. Current squad:

Ter Stegen
Lora - Vertonghen - Ogbonna (absolute monster) - Nagatomo
Prince Boateng
Hazard - Wilshere (world class player now) - Bale (another world class player by year 5)

Promoted youth players
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