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Default Re: Primetime's 3 month Avy...taking suggestions

Originally Posted by -p.tiddy-
Carbine I really don't have that much against your stats, that was nothing against you...I can NOT use a posters stats to define the outcome of a $500 opens the doors to too much controversy...I'm sure you can uinderstand that.

maybe for an avy bet or something, but legit stat sites are it for $$$

1. We dont need to use Carbine. I made a point to show Carbines stats which you were in love with initially until you realized ur bet was in jeopardy ie wanting more targets attatched to Nnamdi. And that point was how FO was closer to his stat total than PFF.

2. You totally dismiss FO stats. You send them emails accusing them of making a huge error, being wrong with thier output and insulting them by saying PFF is more legit than them. Why? All because of this silly bet you made and your attempt to be right. ie "I lost the bet but won the argument, now watch me try to convince everyone because I get the sense no one feels I won the argument even tho I did. I really did. Guys?"

3. FO was classy in their response saying they are human and errors can be made. They be the first to admit it unlike a site you are promoting hardcore. They also said they are confident in their final stats dispite your crying and that give or take a couple targets...that the definition of what a target actually is? Its open for discussion given everyone has their own idea. Hence why I included Carbine to show this very point. Also on (you know this site) they too tracked Nnamdi and their totals were around what FO had. Again, goes back to the point how peoples definition of what a target is counted for varies.

4. So having said that in #3, you FAIL to show me anything from PFF that they explain what a target is to them. You FAIL to show me how they tracked NNamdi 47 targets. Face it, its not difficult to expose/reveal each target and/or explain what "targets" they counted that others like Carbine, FO and anyone else may not deem as such. You emailed and trolled FO but you didnt do a got damn thing with PFF. And you even ADMIT that if they made/make errors they would NEVER admit to it. You have HUMANS calculating these stats with their own definition of what something is. And you mean to tell me they dont make any errors? You know they do but you are willing to OVERLOOK them. But when it comes to FO? Uh oh better get MACO

5. You can keep your chump change. Dont need it. But if by the time week 1 nears us and you did some of the things I asked in #4 (you avoided it in another post)? Then I'd be open to use PFF in this bet. Until then? I'm going to be a dbag and do exactly what you did when it came to FO. Totally dismiss PFF stats. I feel they errored. There, you clown.
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