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Default Re: Ish Official Fit-club

Originally Posted by NotYetGreat
Go. The last thing you wanna do is fall victim to "false" motivation, or extrinsic motivation. While it's all nice and fun to blast out whatever while you're busting your face with the weights, you'll find out what you're made of when you take away the music, the "bros" cheering you on, and the really hot girl on the yoga mat on the other side and STILL perform as intense as with them. I admit, I have my own music I like to play when I train (I don't train in a big corporate gym, which means I have shitty equipment (a 9 year old barbell and 190 lbs of weights only to be frank) but I can also play my tunes as loud as I can. However, if someone jacked my music, I know I would still be able to do whatever it is I was gonna do.

Well, anyway, if you're not up to reading what was up there, it's basically this - Psyche yourself up. Don't let anyone else do it for you.

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