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Originally Posted by Meticode
I started running on January 15th starting at 238lbs. My biggest weight I've ever been was 245. I ran for pretty much 3 months and the last 4 weeks up until now I've been lifting and running then resting one day and starting that cycle over. So I usually run 2-3 times a weak then lift 2-3 times a weak, one day of rest after each lift.

Right now I'm exactly 191.4 my goal being 178 (60 pounds). I'm so close to my goal being just almost 13 pounds away. Just 4 weeks ago I was hanging around 200lbs. So it's very near if I put the work in. Since I started lifting my weight loss has slowed down, but that's fine as long as it's steady or I lose 1 pound every one or two weeks. But I totally see a change in my physique being accelerated.

Ask for food health? I bought 86% dark chocolate cocoa and mixed that with shelled walnuts. I snack on very small portions of those daily. That type of dark chocolate has great antioxidants and omega-3s. I also watch my portions. I eat oatmeal with milk and a juice blend in the morning that gets almost all my fiber for the day.

What were your methods for running when you first started. I'm at 240 right now so it's almost exactly where you were at the point you started. I'm hoping to stick around 200-210 by the time of my weight loss phase.

On another note, does anyone use any interested gadgets or apps when they exercise? Just read this article on Yahoo!

There's some pretty interesting stuff that seems like it can help out a lot.
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