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Default Re: Ish Official Fit-club

Originally Posted by SlayerEnraged
You're probably right and like I said I don't think u should hesitate on most regular foods and to a degree drinks. I also don't think u should be a robot and count your calories each and every day however. Depending on your goals, I would say u should count your calories and make an approximate estimate of how many u should be eating. The reason why is because if u have a go with the flow mantality and have a specific goal then it's probabaly not going to work out. People wanting to gain weight tend to overestimate how many calories they're actually eating and People trying to lose weight usually underestimate their calorie intake. I'm trying to bulk up and I suspect I'm overestimating how much I'm eating and can't really do much about it because I have school, but next week I don't and I'll consistantly be able to eat lunch, eat real meals instead of snacks during class time, etc. P.S. I only drink skim milk cause all other milk is nasty :P

I've never ever ever in my life counted calories. My goal has always been to get bigger and I've added probably 20+ pounds of muscle in the last 3 years or so.

I eat a fairly small lunch and a good amount of protein for dinner, then I lift and drink my protein shake after whatever workout I do every day. Counting calories and seeing how much i take in per day has never been a real priority of fact the only time i know how many calories I'm taking in on ANYTHING is when it says in big letters on the package how many there are lol

Just find what works for YOU and do it.
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