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1.2 pounds from the 50 pound lost weight mark. So Close! Only 11.2 pounds away from goal (178)! I suspect my weight might go up to 190 though in the next couple days, which is fine because after I started lifting I notice my weight will flux between a 2 pound area, then when the next weak comes I'll have lost it and start a new cycle over. I've lost about 10 pounds the last month, almost 50 total. When I hold my daughter who is 30 pounds and feel her weight I'm just amazed at how much lighter I am and that I've almost lost twice what she weights. I notice I can jump much higher too, I'm not so easily tired. I can run about half a mile now before I start braething hard versus running a block and huffing air like a SoB. Feels great.

Also I've been incorporating some healthy snacks in my everyday eating habits. For example I eat 86% cooca dark chocolate now which contains as much antioxidants as anything. What I do is melt down the bars and put shelled walnuts on the chocolate and let it hardened for dark chocolate cover walnuts. So not only do I get some dark chocolate (not a lot), but omega-3s as well. The dark chocolate is great for the heart and lowering heart disease as well as the brain and the walnuts is great for the brain too.

I also bought some 100% cocoa dark chocolate bars but I'm leery on using those. I tried a piece and it's super-bitter and totally unsweetened. The 86% at least as a tiny bit of sweetness to it to make it edible.

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