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Default Re: bustinBytches new album wont be release this year

MAN A NEW NEWS !!! a so so good a news man , there will be bustinBytches labu mthese summer!! in 8 august. the album is calld Bytch Times !!!

Album: Bytch Times
1. bustinBytches
2. Ima Buster
3. Bonafied
4. bustedBytches
5. A Bytch Lyfe
6. I Know You Bust Me
7. Bust Yourselfz
8. Without Bust
9. Kill Me A Bytch
10. Bust Bytch Bust
11. Crytch (Christmas Bytch)
12. A Bytch Year
13. 24 Bytche
14. BytchBall4Eva
15. Bytch Call Me
16. Sterobytch 0001
17. OneBytch2Bytch
18. Bytch Set Me Up
19. Bytches
20. Bytch Times / Bust This !!

but a some fk** retart have a now leaked it all the album so dissaponting
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