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Default Re: Anyone here think that the Mav's WONT win the 1st Round Series against the Warriors?

I think that the Mavs will take the Warriors very serious. From Avery on down to each player. They will be focused on the task at hand.

There is a chance that Damp and Diop are non-factors. But at the same time, if the Mavs make sure not to lapse into the Warriors game, and run their offense on their end. Then Damp and Diop could make the Warriors pay on the offensive boards. If nothing else, if they can battle for the boards it could help a bit on the Warriors leaking a man out.

About the only person on the team that Nellie really has any claim to is Dirk. Yes, he was there when Devin was drafted and they got Terry. But he was so heart broken about losing Nash that his heart wasn't into it. They were coached more by Avery than Nellie. Nellie didn't even finish out the season with them. Josh was in his 2nd year, Nellie had him out there for defense, didn't really work with him or run plays for him.
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