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Default Re: Trades,Free Agency, Draft Thread

Originally Posted by Rowe
Talking about HS studs.

I see that Pacers might be considering waiving Born Ready so they can create more cap space this summer.

It would be stupid to cut a guy to save that little in cap space. He has a binch of talent. I told you guys before he was drafted that his pops is one of the sources of his problems. Id be cool taking him for the min but I worry about him being back in his home environment. He'd definitely be better than what we have t the guard position. He can play both guard spots. Ive seen him since he was in about 7th grade. He used to play against HS kids at IS8 and grown men in the Rucker. He has surprisingly good court vision and handle for a guy about 6'5" that shoots alot. I have no worries about his on court ability. Im worried about the off the court stuff. I'd rather AJ Price!
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