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Default Re: Anyone noticed that since Jordan retired in 98...

Originally Posted by Derivative
No dominant bigman had been drafted since then The only decent bigman had been Stoudemire, Yao and Howard()


Since Jordan the league had been flooded with extremely talented perimeters, more talent perimeters players had been drafted from 1996-2006 than NBA as a whole prior to that, Iverson, Kobe, Carter, McGrady, Wade, Lebron, Carmelo, etc....

Jordan ended the era of bigman, and ushered in the era of perimeter players

true dat

Jordan changed the game forever. He ushered in the 21st century basketball era.

Not good for the game btw. I think MJ's impact has actually ruined the game big time.

much more shot jocking, ballhogging & much less passing & building a system with 5 very talented starters on the floor.
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