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Default Re: Anyone noticed that since Jordan retired in 98...

Originally Posted by Derivative
No dominant bigman had been drafted since then The only decent bigman had been Stoudemire, Yao and Howard()


Since Jordan the league had been flooded with extremely talented perimeters, more talent perimeters players had been drafted from 1996-2006 than NBA as a whole prior to that, Iverson, Kobe, Carter, McGrady, Wade, Lebron, Carmelo, etc....

Jordan ended the era of bigman, and ushered in the era of perimeter players

But since Jordan 2 of the most dominant players were big men. Shaq and Duncan. Maybe its because finding a talented big man is so rare and most teams don't even encourage their big men to develop. Bynum is a good center he is not completely dominant but his game is still developing. Im pretty sure if players like Garnett,Duncan,or Shaq came along GM's would be dying to take them.

And a way that Jordan ruined the game is by ushering in a era that is star dominate and not really team dominate. Which in turn gave players a false sense of entitlement and cockiness. Though I feel like humble guys like Rose and Durant are changing that around...
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