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Default Re: Trades,Free Agency, Draft Thread

Thanks for the list Rameek. Here's some guy I'd be interested in. I'm taking into account our cap situation and the likelyhood of us being able to get the player.

Raymond Felton- Familiarity with the city. I never was a huge fan but he's pretty steady and experienced. I also think he'll be out to redeem himself after coming into last season way out of shape.

Goran Dragic- I've got conflicting reports on what his price tag will be. If it's around the MLE, I wouldn't mind him being my pg. I wouldnt overpay for him though becauce I don't think he's that much better than Lin.

Jonny Flynn- 1.He'll be cheap 2. His stats aren't indicative of his talent. He got hurt and the T-Wolves and Rockets gave up on him before he could try and redeem himself. For whatever it's worth, his last game as a Trailblazer was very good. He'd be a solid option as a backup and I wouldn't be shocked if he could eventually crack our starting lineup.

Jerryd Bayless- I've always liked his game. He's been stuck in the shithole obsscurity of Toronto's franchise. His qualifying offer is about what I've give him.

Sundiata Gaines- I've known and played against this guy since I was in JHS. He's tough as nails. My cousin went to HS with him. He said he was dumb as bricks at Molloy book wise BUT he's a very intelligent basketbal player. Very solid with the ball and makes good decisions. I think Avery threw him and Brooks game off by having him play pg with Deron as sg. I htink he's a solid, extremely affordable option.

Ramon Sessions- I'm not even that big a fan of his but damn... he has to be the most talked about free agent on this message board lol I doubt he doesn't take that player option with LA though.

Jerome Dyson- UCONN alum. Had a very solid D-league career and when he got called up, he made the best of his opportunity. AVG about 7 points and 2 apg in like 11 mpg. Again, another young, solid backup who'll be cheap but has very good potential to be coached up into a key contributor.

AJ Price- Stats took a dip because of the Pacers roster. Can't begin to understand why they need like 6 PGs. Anyway, he'll be looking for a job and for cheap, I'd give him one. He's a big shot maker. He's an improved defender. Solid guy who ran the show at UCONN very well. I was sad to see him graduate. (In HS I saw Telfair absolutely destroy him in a tournament game). My dad and his mom are also cool. One of the nicest ladies you'll ever meet! That's gotta count for something right lol

OJ Mayo- If he'd accept it, he'd be my choice for the MLE. Off the court troubles a year ago demoted him to the bench but much like Harden and Ginobili, he plays quality minutes. He's become one of the best 6th men in the league but I think he still has starter potential. He averaged 18 ppg as a rookie. He's become a very good defender. I think he could start as our sg from day one.

Nick Young- He's a more subdued version of JR Smith. His shot selection isnt as poor. He isn't as athletic but he has a little better size. If JR opts out, I'd love to have him. He's also the coolest guy that was on that Wizards team I used to visit.

Gerald Green- I've been trying to tell you guys for 3 years that this guy was a player. Glad to see my words have come true. Curious to know what his asking price is? I would love to steal him from them.

Jodie Meeks- Seems like not too log ago he had that 50+ game in Kentucky. This kid can flat out shoot the rock! If half the mid level gets him, Im in!

T Mac- for bench purposes, I like the move. For the vet min, I liek the move. We don't need him to be the old T-Mac. He has shown that he can turn the clock back in spurts on occassion. That's all we need. A few reminders here and there. Plus, he still plays very good D.

Morris Almond- Guy lights up the D-league every year and never seems to get called up. Wizards called him up. I'm curious to see if he sticks with them. For the min, I'm down.

Nick Batum- Never got the credit he deserved in Portland IMO. He's very athletic. Very scrappy. Makes quality plays in key moments. I thnk he'd be a solid addition. He's another guy who's temperature on the open market is very up in the air.

Steve Novak- I'd liek to have him back, but I'm not breaking the bank for him. Let's face it, he's only good for one thing. When he's hot, he's very valuable. When he's not, he's a waste of minutes.

Bill Walker- I know some of you are surprised but I think he could contribute in this system. I think he was out of place in D'Antoni's system and by the time Woodson got a hold of him, he was injured and too far behind the 8 ball.

Lavoy Allen- I became very impressed with this kid during the playoffs. He's incredibly poised and has a nice low post and mid range game. I think he'll be a solid starting pf in the future. Why not steal him now before he becomes a high commodity?

Anthony Randolph- Another guy who had no business in Mike D'Antoni's system. I think he would be solid off the bench. He brings a lot to the table.

Jordan Hill- Surprise surprise! lol I never liked his game but now the rookie contract wil have worn off. He's back down to earth. If he'll settle for a 1+ mill contract, sign me up. Good bench depth. He played well in the playoffs also.

Hasheem Thabeet- I've said time and time again...I don't think he's a bust quite yet. Memphis knew he was a project and they never invested the time in him to make him a quality player. I know what I saw out of him in UCONN. I was impressed. I'm willing to pay him to see what he could become. He's still only 25!

Robin Lopez- He does pretty much everything Jeffries does but he has better size and he makes his free throws!

Marcus Camby- One thing Camby will always be able to do is block people's shot. We need that. We don't have a real shot blocker on this team.

Ian Mahinmi- My guess is Dallas brings him back but if not, he's a quality big man.
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