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Default Re: College Player Watch

Originally Posted by ljsbb27
I pulled up some videos of Kevin Murphy after reading you mention him here and he does look like a pretty good player.

I've seen a couple of mocks have us picking Orlando Johnson a SG from UC Santa Barbara which i know nothing about.
Orlando Johnson in the 4-5 videos I've seen looks like he'd drive Thibs nuts. You know normally there's some defensive highlights in people's videos on youtube? This guy had like 3 put together.

If he measure the same at the combine he's 6'5 230. Which is pretty solid. AND has a 6'11 wingspan. Basically it seems like he can DEFINITELY put the ball in the basket in anyway imaginable. Good shooter, good driver. okay passer. He could definitely be the shooting guard of the future. He did take some difficult shots which I also think would piss Thibs off. But I mean with his size and length when he learns defense...he'll definitely get some burn.

Also like Jimmy Butler he's had a ROUGH life
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