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Originally Posted by BallsOut
I was referring to Michael Beasley, not Josh Smith. Let's be honest here, the Lakers aren't going to convince Atlanta to swap Josh Smith for 32 year old Scola and his ugly contract.

there is really no interest in Beasley...we can have him for Mini MLE...thats my 2 cents

I am in no way going to trade this much Out: Gasol, Blake, 8.9 mill Dallas TPE
In: Lowry, Beasley (S&T) and Millicic (Expirer)

just to get lowry/beasy/millicic

so that going out salary: 23 + 9 = 32mil
coming back salary = 10.9(lowry + Millicic)
Left = 21mil

how much are you planning to pay to Beasy??? even if its a S&T ...

I dont think he is more than max 5mil/yr player
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