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Originally Posted by tamaraw08
Some guys here talk like Scola is 45 yrs old, Geez, he is 32.
There are 2 other legit concerns tho, esp 3 yrs left where he would be paid like 10.5 mil/yr and his relatively low rebs/game.
But the last 3 yrs, he averaged around 17 pts/game at a respectable 50% from the field. The guy is alse tough enough to hold his ground and play good defense inside.
A quick sample of the head to head duel
vs Pau, in 14 games, Scola averaged 17.5pts, 7 rebs at a good 60%FG.
11 games vs Boozer he averaged 16pts, 8.5 rebs at 52%FG
7 games vs Bosh, he averaged 15pts, 9.7 rebs at 52%FG
18 games vs Duncan, 15pts, 7.5 rebs at 50%Fg, Tim averaged 18pts at a low 45%,
So it's not like he lords it over bad players and he cowers and struggles with good ones. BTW, He is not the focal point of the offense, He has an ave of 13 shots/game.
Josh Smith has a career FG% of a LOW 46%, again bec of his STUBBORNESS of taking the low 3pt shot where he ave. 28%. 7 of his 8 years, he FAILED to hit atleast 50% from the field, 6 of 8 years he hit BELOW 48%
11 games vs Duncan, Josh hit a paltry 9pts, 6 rebs at 28%Fg

Going back to his 10.5 Mil/yr salary
Boozer is getting 15 mil/yr,
Duncan at 21.3
Pau at 19 mil
Bosh at around 19.5
Marc Gasol around 14 mil.
Pls also bear in mind that the suggestion is not a 1 on 1 trade with Pau but ANOTHER player like Lowry who fill up a great need.

Tam, I'm not trying to rip Scola. I like him (he especially seems to play well against us). If I could do a Lowery/Scola for Pau deal, at this point, I would do it if there was no better option.
Do my Ariza deal (I'm really pushing that aren't I?), then resign Sessions and Hill. Look at someone like Gerald Green with the MMLE, and take a chance on Lamar with a vet min.

1- Lowery
2- Kobe
3- Ariza
4- Scola
5- Bynum


We'd be a better team.

My point was I would take Smoove over Scola, as I think every GM in the league would at this point. He is a monster defensively, a monster.
He has an amazing year and seems to really be starting to get it.
Scola is past his prime, has knee issues, doesn't play much D, and is slow.
Having him come back as part of a deal to get Lowery wouldn't be so bad though. He could certainly play a part.
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