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Default Re: Offseason moves for 2012-2013

Keep KG and Ray if possible for cheap.

I feel that Celtics should chase after Ilyasova over McGee. For some reason, I see more potential in Ersan. Plus Ersan's jumper is pretty good, so that will help Rondo a little.

I don't feel great about Celtics chasing after O.J. Mayo, unless he can properly play the PG role or Ray is leaving. If he can play PG, then great. Otherwise, he isn't going to help much w/ Bradley, Ray, Pietrus, and Pierce taking some minutes (Green moves to PF at times).

Keep Stiemsma, Wilcox and Bass as they are great backups. If Bass wants more money, then fck him.

Sign any good big.

EDIT: I would definitely try and chase Wallace. Dude is a beast in rebounds and Celtics can't fcking rebound well as a team

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