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Originally Posted by tamaraw08
It's refreshing to debate with a classy guy like you who don't call me clueless, implying that Im not smart enough to understand his point etc.
Josh is one of the best shot blockers/weakside defenders in the league.
But a quick look at his head to head duels
16 games vs KG, Garnett averaged 20 pts, 58%FG
13 games vs Boozer, Carlos ave 15pts, 51%FG
26 games, Bosh ave. 20pts 49%
If only he can realize that it's very important that he needs to absolutely abandon the 3pt shot and instead take more higher % jump hooks. Then Im on board.
About Ariza, Yes, I like Trevor too.
Or work on his 3 point shot. It's a great tool to have in the arsenal. Even a hit or miss 35% from 3 is enough to open up the floor for him. He's not so big or powerful he can be rely on an inside game alone
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