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Originally Posted by BØBØ
Any team that is paying the luxury tax cannot take on a player by sign and trade or extend and trade. There's no fudging on this, no hidden loopholes. That door has been closed tight until the Lakers get under the tax or a new CBA in 8 years is negotiated

They cannot bid on players off the waiver wire. In reality that's not 100% true they can bid but if any team not paying tax makes a bid even if it's for a lesser amount than what the Lakers bid that team gets the player. SO for all purposes the Lakers cannot make bids on players on the wire. This is how they lost out on Jeremy Lin, Billups and others this past year.

The Lakers do not have a full mid level exception they have half of it and can offer only half the contract length.

The Lakers do not have the Bi Annual to use as long as they are above the tax

Non salary teams have unlimited minimum contracts at their disposal to fill out a roster, tax teams have 2 or 3, I forget.

Here's a kick in the gut as if all the above isn't enough. RFAs, Lakers cannot match salaries on their own RFA's or players with early bird rights, they can only go as high as the Mini Mid Level where other teams can offer up to the full Mid Level. The ramifications of this are astounding. Imagine they draft a kid and he's the next Michael Jordan. From day one he's clearly the Air to the throne. 3 years later he's on top of the world after leading the Lakers to a 2 peat. As a tax team the only contract they could offer him as a RFA is a 2 year deal at 3 million per while some other team can swoop in and offer him double the amount with annual raises for 5 years.

That's why I have said in other threads the most important thing the Lakers can do this off season is shed salary, plug some holes, keep the core. If you can move a big contract for a couple kids then do it, otherwise they'll be stuck picking up table scraps and having to take it in the shorts on every trade because teams know the Lakers and teams like them can really reload only through trades.

The only silver lining or bone thrown at tax paying teams concerns matching salaries, They can send out more than they take on. They could theoretically send Bynum and his huge contract to Washington for Kyrie Irving and his rookie scale contract in a straight trade.

They cannot bring in more salary in a trade than they send out.

This is why all the talk of the Lakers missing out on this guy or that guy early in the season was just people talking out their ass and having no idea how the NBA works. All those amnestied players were never even there for the Lakers to make a run at. All those trade rumors that never came to fruition and the following front office bashing because "we could of had that guy" was just ignorance. This is why letting Odom go when even a hint of something being wrong showed up was a great move.

You're going to see moves that look 1000% insane the next couple years, that defy logic but if you know the CBA and how it ties the Lakers hands at this time then it all becomes clearer.

Classic post... This is why i still hang around he lakers forum.. Sometimes even the so called experts don't know sh1t about the new cba
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