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Originally Posted by BallsOut
Thanks BOBO for the clarification. So I spent about an hour working up another trade scenario. Sorry for hijacking the thread. I figure I might as well just post it here. Tell me what you guys think.

Lakers send: Gasol, Blake, 2012 60th pick
Receive: Lowry, Gibson, Hamilton, Butler

Rockets send: Lowry, Martin, 2012 16th pick, Patterson
Receive: Gasol, Blake, Bulls 2012 29th pick, Lakers 2012 60th pick

Bulls send: Gibson, Hamilton, 2012 29th pick, Butler
Receive: Martin, 2012 Rockets 16th pick, Patterson

PG: Rose/Watson/Lucas
SG: Martin/Brewer
SF: Deng/Korver
PF: Boozer/Patterson
C: Noah/Asik

PG: Dragic/Blake
SG: Lee/Williams
SF: Parsons/Budinger
PF: Scola/Camby
C: Gasol/Dalembert

Lakers (sign Odom with mini MLE, Barnes, Hinrich, Rasheed Wallace with veteran's minimums, waive Eyenga and Butler):
PG: Lowry/Sessions/Hinrich
SG: Bryant/Hamilton/Goudelock
SF: MWP/Ebanks/Barnes
PF: Gibson/Odom/McRoberts
C: Bynum/Hill/Wallace

Man Ballsout...your trade proposals are getting pathetic by the hour...

1st you want to sign Rasheed Wallace??? lo he has been retired for 2 years

atleast do your homework before posting trades...Butler is a very defensive minded guard which the lakers can use....

hamilton @5mil is useless backing up....

overall reaction to your trade ..... ....
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