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Default Re: Trades,Free Agency, Draft Thread

Following franchize's idea.

Trying to figure out the needs of this roster.

Depth Chart:

Jeremy Lin
Toney Douglas

Iman Shumpert
JR Smith

Carmelo Anthony

Amare Stoudemire
Josh Harrellson

Tyson Chandler
Jerome Jordan


1. Big man depth- Because Jorts and Jordan have un-guaranteed contracts they aren't guaranteed to make the roster if we can find suitable replacements for them. I think we need 2 big men to fill out our roster.

Veterans Minimum:

Marcus Camby - Would Marcus Camby come back home? I think he would. This is possibly our best chance of using the veterans minimum on a contributor. Camby, throughout the last several years has been a locker room leader who kept his teams together. Not only that but he spent time with Melo & JR Smith in Denver, and he'd be a great teacher/mentor to a young 7 footer like Jerome Jordan.

Anthony Tolliver- Jeremy Lin making a power move for one of his friends? Now, I can really see this one happening because Tolliver would definetly be coming in for the minimum after 2 irrelevant seasons in Minnesota. Lets not forget 2 seasons ago he averaged 12 PPG, 7 RPG, & 2 APG for the Warriors. Hollinger describes him as a " Smart, spot-up shooting big man who hustles defensively and takes charges." Yeah, thats a perfect fit.

2. Replacement for Landry Fields - Its safe to say that Fields is going to get a good contract elswhere and he's expendable with the way he regressed last season. If he comes back then I wont have any complaints, but if he leaves I wont have any complaints either.

Bi-Annual Exception:

Martell Webster - I've always liked his potential as a player, but playing so poorly in Minnesota has definetly hurt his value. I could realistically seeing him signing here for the BAE at 2 Years, $3.9 Million. He's only 25 years old but will be entering his 8th season next year. Webster is a solid enough defender to plug in 10-20 minutes each game at SG and 10-15 minutes backing up Melo at SF. He's also been a consistently good spot shooter which would allow us a backup plan in case we need to pull JR off the floor.

3. Make a smart decision drafting a PG at #48

Scott Machado - Nothing new here, I'm firmly in support of drafting Machado as a rookie backup PG. With the way our offense is running now we need a guy who is capable of stepping in for a few minutes a night behind Jeremy Lin and making the smart pass. We can't expect that out of Toney Douglas at this point, and I'd be willing to gamble on Machado holding down our backup PG spot over a veteran.

4. Fill out bench with Low risk/High reward Free Agents

Georgios Printezis - Hes a guy who we acquired his rights in the Tyson Chandler deal, but he just capped off a great season in Europe and is looking at possibly coming to the NBA. I'm not sure how much he can make in Europe compared to the most we'd be able to offer him, but he might turn into a very good role player or be a total bust.

James Anderson - Spurs are giving up on this guy after 2 seasons of not really contributing much, but he's a guy who I really liked play in college. We're going to need someone to fill in temporarily for the absence of Iman Shumpert and it might be worth it to give this guy a shot off the bench. Nobody knows how good he could be because hes very athletic and was known as a good shooter in college, but he's played behind better guys at SG and SF in San Antonio.

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