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Default Re: Trades,Free Agency, Draft Thread

Originally Posted by franchize
I think our cap is a cop out to not bring in talent...especially when you didn't HAVE to go out and get Tyson Chandler. There are guys out there that can be brought in for cheap. Teams like the Spurs are full of guys who are cheap. You just have to do your hw and stop taking the easy way out all the time. It's the Bibby, Baron, Harrelson, etc acquisitions that kill your team. No more scrubs. Stop signing guys based on their name and past accomplishments. Im not saying we have to go with my list, but almost every guy I listed is affordable and attainable. Im tired of making excuses for our GM. These guys, and scouts, get paid specifically to evaluate talent.

Thats not true though. Of course the Knicks aren't the same! Most teams draft their core or studs unlike the Knicks who buy all there players. There is no room to make moves. The Spurs are a terrible example though but your point is understood.

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