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Default Re: MMA Discussion/News thread

Originally Posted by Godzuki
i don't get why Dana caved. If EA couldn't use the top MMA fighters in UFC or Strikeforce, how good can that game be? especially compared to UFC/THQ's game that has all of the big names. Why not take EA on? THQ aren't a bad company to have making games for you. Granted EA is the standard for sports games but without the stars it can't be that great. Theres also the possibility he had to make every current fighter he has re-sign the contract to include video games so that might be it, or maybe being afraid of EA paying them more than they make in UFC? that'd be funny
i'm honestly kind of dumbfounded how you went from a drooling idiot and immature f--ktard to someone who can put forth that many thoughtful questions and comments upon an issue.

seriously, was it a flowers for algernon thing... or multiple people sharing an acct? or what?
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