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The long-term health of Rose is the most important thing to the Bulls organization. There shouldn't be a even a shred of doubt that caution takes priority over all-else with Rose.

Maybe the Bulls end up in the lottery and draft a terrific SG that gives the team what it needs to compete for years to come? Perhaps this coming season will be about one of our current players stepping-up and taking his game to a level that would never have been reached otherwise. Deng? Noah? The TAJinater? Asik? Butler?

I believe in my heart that at least one of those guys is capable of becoming so much more than what they are now. Only time will tell...

Oh $h!t! My 1000th post? Wow! I am glad this post was about the future and the potential of our favorite team. Here is a toast to the future and to the potential in us all my Bulls brothers!

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