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Default Re: ever get with a girl you work with?

Originally Posted by Abd El-Krim
Update - I'd been avoiding the shit out of this girl and pretty much forgot about her but last Friday I happened to be thinking with my dick and at the same time she made a strong play via text (I'm home and lonely with a bottle of vodka - might as well said 'come **** me').

On top of the extended buildup this was one of the sloppiest/roughest/drunken ham ****s I've ever dished out. Really good stuff - but I also screwed her straight out of my head and woke up wanting nothing to do with her.

So I made up a bunch of reasons why I was busy to get through the weekend but this week has been ugly. She's been stopping by with unusual frequency, always with some bs picture to show me on her phone or random story to relate. It couldn't be more obvious to people I work by that she has my jizz in her brain. And when she's not at my desk she's iming me and distracting the hell out of me. Plus she's asked me to go to some out of town wedding next week, and to do all this shit with her friends this weekend.

I must be stupid. There's nothing remotely special about this girl, I was just always seeing her at work where she acts and looks at the top of her game. That much couldn't be more clear, in retrospect. My only reason for even wanting to hit it again is so I can get her alone and in a situation where I can tell her I want to be discreet about things and hopefully slow this train down.

So yeah, oops.
You gotta know who you messing with. You can't mash everyone at work. I mashed this one chick, and we just keep it 100 between us. We're not all over each other and shit.

Now, there is this other broad that I know if I ash here, she probably would never leave me be.
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