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Default Re: L.Kizzle Roast Thread

LK has created more bad threads than the Kardashians had abortions.....combined

He once created a thread about how words should be spelt how they sound. In other words, he's a fucking dumbass.

We have alot of people from ISH here. Which means the illuminati is waiting outside to kill us all. Seriously, lots of conspiracy nuts here. Nobody talks about the REAL conspiracy though....why none of you ugly disgusting smelly ugly disgusting smelly gutter rats can't get laid without killing the girl first.

Let's get back to the slave, i mean maid of honor. Geez this guy is so black he bleeds KoolAid and shits Akon......I'm locked up, they won't let me out.

What a douchebag. He's like the black version of The Situation...I call him The Segregation.

All jokes side LK, you're a good guy. We're from the same city and a I hope one day you fulfill your dream......and finally create a quality thread that interest people. THANK YOU.
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