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Originally Posted by outbreak
Yeah it's in coruscant so hardly a place we've never seen before considering 90% of the EU Star wars stuff takes place around Coruscant. They also didn't say no force at all from what i read, just that the main character isn't force sensitive. Doesn't rule out you hunting down a jedi or two in the story but it won't focus on that kind of thing. It looks like it is going to be an awesome game. It's said to be dark and gritty and will be rated for adults and will show the underworld of the star wars universe. LJJ doesn't have a clue with his post.

It's on Coruscant, but on a part of Coruscant we've never ever seen before. So it's only Coruscant by name really, could have been given any other name and you wouldn't have known the difference.

And the Giantbomb guys were talking last night about how there is no force or jedi at all in the game. They usually know what they are talking about, so I'll take their word over yours.

But yeah, "dark and gritty". The magic words.
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