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Default Re: Trainspotting vs Requiem for a Dream

Requiem is great, but it's a little too unrealistic to be believable.

Burstyn is actually the most unbelievable role in that show. If she wanted to control her appetite a doctor will just give her a slight stimulant, maybe low dose ritalin. Nothing that will give her the psychotic breaks that she gets. Also I don't see why she will suddenly want to overdose herself on the pills. And the electroshock scene is the worst, you are supposed to be totally sedated and feel no pain during electroshock therapy.

Other unreal scene is how the doctor totally ignore Leto's infected arm and allow him to be hauled to prison. And the prison officers still treat him like shit even though he was totally sick. In the end his arm has to be cut off. Really? I can get the arrested part, but at least give him some antibiotics for his arm first before taking him away.
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