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Default Re: Anyone work(ed) night shift?

I work in IT and in the middle of my graveyard rotation.

I work about 2 weeks of graveyard (10pm-630am) every 6 or so weeks. i usually only need 1 day to 'get ready' for the shift. The day/night before i start my graveyard shift I try to stay up as late as I can (6-7am). that way i'll wake up around 1-2 and start my day.

I find it best to go home and sleep right after my shift and then wake up between noon-3pm. that way I feel a little more normal being up with the rest of the world. I'm basically getting up and starting my day at the same time that 'normal' people are getting off work. I still have plenty of time to be social and go out and play basketball. its honestly not that bad, i kinda like it.

the key is to go home and sleep right away. when you wake up, STAY UP. Shower and get started on your day, youre up and about with the rest of the normal world. that makes a huge difference. Otherwise all youre doing is sleeping and working. it WILL start affecting you at a certain point.
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